skip to 8:00 for a few remedies

Please share this vid!!!! It was very hard for me to come out and tell the world what I am going thru, but so many people are suffering in silence, and others don't know what it is or that they even have it. They don't know the evilness behind this (Government) man made illness, that is the cause of many being institutionalized, isolated, neglected, and death.

Some info on Morgellons

The Handler

My Vlogs on Morgellons:

I was free from the freemasons they lost their grip on me for a complete year. i let my guards down an eastern stars job was to befriend me and give me these alien beings. I know they are life threating and devastating however i will not let them take me out and The first thing I have to do is a detox and fight these entities

Targeted individual given morgellons, parasites, and nano bots скачать видео - СКАЧАТЬ